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  • MADMANS ESPRIT - Cologne, 10 October 2024

    MADMANS ESPRIT - Cologne, 10 October 2024

    de 32,45 €
    MADMANS ESPRIT are coming to Europe!

    Music from Korea means K-Pop indeed? Mastermind Kyuho and his fellow musicians will teach you different with their signature "Depressive Suicidal Blackened Pop"! Sound and performance are closer to Visual Kei acts like Dir en Grey, and with their dark and death metallic atmosphere, influences from classic to DSBM and lyrics in Korean, English and even German, the boys from Seoul got a growing fan base not only in Korea, but also in Japan Germany, among others.

    "European Tour 2024 -The world as collective reflections-" will take the band to 5 European cities from Warsaw over Paris and London to Bratislava, and we are very happy to present the tickets for the sole German show in Cologne!