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General Terms and Conditions

§1 Introduction

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(1) These general terms and conditions apply to all commercial relationships between (owner: Sander Nebeling) and their customers in the newest version at the time of establishing a contractual relationship.

§2 Ticket ordering

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(1) When ordering a ticket, a contractual relationship is established only between the buyer and the organiser resp. promoter of the event. For these orders, only serves as communicator of offerings in the name of the organiser resp. promoter and transacts contracting over the respective articles between the respective organiser resp. promoter and the respective customer. This means that respective contracts are established between the customer and the respective organiser reso. promoter. A contract between the customer and is not established. especially does not carry the risk of the respective organiser's resp. promoter's insolvency.

§3 Specifications of events

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(1) The information on details of the event presented on's web site, such as venue, time and date etc. is provided by the respective organiser resp. promoter. cannot held responsible for the correctness of the information. Updated information has to be taken from the promoter's or venue's web site, daily press etc.

§4 Revocation and cancellation

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(1) For ticket orders the customer's right of revocation or cancellation does not apply, according to § 312 b section 3 Nr. 6 BGB.

§5 Payment transaction

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(1) The total amount for the tickets and/or other items ordered by the customer including any arising fees (i.e. shipping charges) and VAT is to be paid in advance and results in the establishment of a contract. The payment is to be submitted within 7 days.

§6 Shipping and delivery

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(1) The shipment of the paid tickets takes place via the by the seller's preferred method following the establishment of the contract after payment.

(2) Should be unable to meet a committed delivery date, the customer is allowed to give or the respective organiser resp. promoter an adequate grace. After the graces' expiration the respective customer is allowed to withdraw from the established contract via written notice, unless the tickets and/or othe ritems have been shipped in the meantime.

§7 Cancelled events

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(1) Should events be cancelled or rescheduled, in any case, the customers assertion of refund only exists towards the respective organiser resp. promoter. Any existing assertions have to suit the respective organiser's resp. promoter's General Terms and Conditions. Usually, will take care of refunding the sole ticket price in the name of the respective organiser resp. promoter. Fees and shipping charges are generally not to be refunded.

§8 Liability, compensation

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(1) can be held liable in cases of deliberate action or gross negligence by, one of its representatives or agents, according to law. Also, can only be held liable via the clauses of the product liability law, in cases of harming life, body or health or because of culpably harming essential contractual obligations (cardinal duties). The claim for damages following harming cardinal duties is albeit limited to damages typical for the contract as well as predictable. The liability for damages by the deliverable on other legally protected goods of the customer, e.g. other objects, is altogether excluded, as long as there is neither any case of deliberate action nor gross negligence, nor a liability for harming life, body or health. The clauses extend to compensations aside from the payments and compensations instead of these payments, for whatever legal reason, especially in cases of flaws, the harms of duties of the obligatory relation, or illegitimate actions. They also include the claim of compensating unsuccessful expenditure.

§9 Data privacy

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(1) processes the personal information and data of the customer, following the for the contract applicable data protection regulations. The information will automatically be collected, processed, and used in such as a way as is necessary to found, shape, and, should be necessary, change the contractual relationship. is allowed to send these information to a third party, in case this is necessary to be able to fulfil the contract.

§10 Closing provisions

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(1) Should one or more clauses of the GTC (General Terms and Conditions) are or become void, the validity of neither the other parts of the GTC nor the contract will be compromised.

(2) The sole place of fulfilment for shipment, service, as well as payment shall be Lahnau in case the customer is an entrepreneur.

(3) The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply with the exclusion of UN international trade law.